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OAK Journal is the only structured journal based on positive psychology and neuroscience that provides the curated tools to effectively set and achieve goals for entrepreneurs all over the world, looking for a quantifiable methodology so that they can literally accomplish anything they may imagine.

- Find your personal WHY or Ikigai (life's purpose)

- Set 90 Day SMART goals

- Daily Progress 

- Weekly Planning & Retrospective 

- Positive Psychology Exercises  

Customer Reviews

Based on 162 reviews
OAK Journal is an amazing life tool

I was given an OAK Journal as a gift and it proved to be so amazing that I have subsequently bought it as a gift for 2 other people in my life. I can highly recommend the OAK Journal.

It’s the best.

I’ve tried many planners and this one is THE ONE!

Exraordinary | Life Changing | It Works

My Oak Journal is a magnificent self accountabilty life manager. It is beautifully designed, easy to follow and extrardinarily effective. This allows me to be productive and frees me from the stress of time management. If you don't have one.....get one!

Life Changing!

I am a big fan of Oak Journal. I have been using mine for the last month. I bought one for my husband and I just ordered more for a few of my key admin team members. I use it everyday and I am not a "journal person" -- It's easy! It makes sense, it keeps me focused and it's inspirational.

Fired Up!

I am really grateful to have found this goal setting journal. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for, whether I knew it or not. It is like writing my own sacred text. I have recommended it to a friend (and it sounds like he’ll be getting it) so that we can keep each other accountable, and I will surely be recommending it to others. Thanks for your vision in getting this out to the world!!