Goal Setting For Success
What are the dreams and goals that you want to accomplish in this lifetime? They can be small objectives or big hairy audacious goals but take the time to think of three specific goals; one for your personal life, one professional, and finally, one family or community goal. It's essential to select balanced objectives instead of only choosing all business/career goals to balance your life. If one area of your life is struggling, it will eventually impact the others. Take the time to ponder what are the most critical goals to accomplish in the next 90 days. It's essential to think about goals that can be completed at that time because, as humans, we tend to lose focus and momentum after three months. If a goal is going to take longer, break it up into smaller milestones that can be completed in 90 days.
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Core Hours
Core hours are a proven technique to help you be as productive as possible with your most valuable resource: your time. We all have the same 24 hours every day, but some people seem to accomplish significantly more in the same amount of time. The difference is simple; how they use their time is more focused and structured, which empowers them to accomplish more. Core hours are blocks of time that you schedule intentionally to do focused work without distractions or interruptions.
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The Importance of Setting Goals
An enlightened Buddhist monk took one of his students on a walk to share one of life's greatest lessons, having clear goals. The monk was a master archer, and his student had never seen him miss the bullseye in practice, even at a distance of 300 yards. To show his student the importance of having clarity of vision, the monk placed a flower on a side a tree and took ten paces away. He then did something surprising. The monk took out a small white cloth and tied it as a blindfold while his student watched in anticipation. Without being able to see his target, the monk began to draw his bow back and suddenly let the arrow fly, missing the mark by several inches. The student looked at the master in shock, "I thought I was going to see a mystical power, but you missed the flower." The monk replied, "How is it possible to hit my goal if I cannot see it?"
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3-2-1- Zero Email Hack

I wanted to share a life hack that helps me keep my email manageable in less than one hour each day (on average I receive between 150-220 emails in 24 hours). My technique is called 3-2-1-Zero and it breaks down like this:

  • 3   For a 30-minute block of time

  • 2   Twice a day 

  • 1    Read each email only once

  • Zero  Get your inbox down to zero emails (not zero unread, zero in your inbox)

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Music is my muse (why I love vinyl)
When doing creative work, whether it's writing, logo design, etc., I like to listen to vinyl records. I prefer music over silence when I work as long as it's not distracting from my focus and always vinyl records if possible. Literally, any music (except Country) works for me when I am doing design work but when I am writing, I choose something that doesn't' have lyrics to distract me like jazz, trip-hop, or classical music (it's hard to focus on writing an article while singing 'Bring Him Home' from Les Miserables). 
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