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The OAK Method

The structured 90-day journal that keeps you laser-focused on achieving your goals.

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You Can Be Happier, More Creative, and more Productive

OAK Journal is the only structured journal based on positive psychology that provides the curated tools to effectively set and achieve goals. Initially created for entrepreneurs, the OAK Journal provides a quantifiable methodology so you can literally accomplish anything that you may imagine.

OAK Journal


OAK Journal
OAK Journal OAK Journal OAK Journal OAK Journal

Learn the habits, life hacks and positive psychology to be the best possible version of yourself. 

What have you always dreamed of accomplishing?  Create the business you’ve wanted to start, lose weight, start a mindfulness practice, write the next classic novel, try standup comedy or whatever is on your bucket list (if you have one). The OAK Journal is designed to help you accomplish your business, personal and/or family goals in the next 90 days.

- Find your personal WHY/Ikigai (lifes purpose)

- Define 90 day S.M.A.R.T. goals for your business, personal and family life

- Daily focus and progress towards your M.I.T.s

- Weekly positive psychology exercises 

The Tools to Achieve Your Goals


Start and end each day with gratefulness. This simple structured practice to live a happier and more creative life.

90 Day Goals

Set and achieve your goals in 90 days. WIth the OAK methodology you will bring your vision to fruition.

Positive Psychology

Start each week with an exercise that is inspirational and thought provoking while helping create clarity in your life.

Continuous Progress

The discipline to work on your goals every day is how you will accomplish even the loftiest goals and dreams.

Healthy Habits

Practice the same habits that the worlds most successful artist, entrepreneurs and leaders consistently utilize.

Data Driven

The OAK Journal Methodology was developed over 20 years by studying the worlds top performing individuals.

How the OAK Journal Works

Find your personal Why

Creating Your WHY (personal purpose, cause or belief)
Everyone has a WHY. Your WHY is the purpose, cause or belief that inspires us. Knowing your WHY gives you a filter to make choices, at work and home, that will help you find greater fulfillment in all that you do. It is your reason for getting up in the morning. It is what motivates you to action. It is what keeps you focused every day. No one has the power to take your purpose from you.

Our Why at OAK is "Through science, spirituality and generosity, to help others be the best versions of themselves."

90 Day Goals

It has been documented that as humans our ability to focus on a task or goal is just 90 days. Since we only have the attention span of 90 days it is essential to identify the most important things that must get done in the next three months. In setting these goals/tasks/milestones, we establish 90-day goals. These
goals should always be S.M.A.R.T. (simple, measurable, actionable, relevant and time-bound). Let nothing get in the way of completing your goal. It is essential to focus on what is most important to move you toward your B.H.A.G (big hairy audacious goal) because if everything’s important, then nothing is going to get completed. Create an icebox or backlog throughout your year of ideas that come up and prioritize them at the beginning of each quarter, selecting no more than 3-4 goals.