The OAK Method

The OAK Method

Module One

The OAK Journal Method combines science, spirituality and positive psychology to create a roadmap for accomplishing any goal. We start with helping you find your Ikigai/personal WHY then empower you with a formula to consistently complete large goals in 90 days. Each week ends with a positive psychology exercise to help you stay focused on completing your bucket list.


 The OAK Method

We developed the journal to share over 20 years of collective experience that will empower you to accomplish whatever you set out to do. In this book, you will find the best parts of the most significant business books from the last 100 years. We worked to combine the best processes and habits to help achieve even the loftiest goals. It has taken decades of wins and failures along with countless hours of continued education, the endless consumption of books from How To Win Friends and Influence People to Great by Choice, Mastering The Rockefeller Habits and Scaling Up to create this journal. We intentionally designed the OAK journal structure to develop habits that will empower you. It's our vision that everyone can achieve anything they set their mind to accomplish.


 Why Journaling Works

Why use a journal instead of an app? You already have all events in your digital calendar so why bother to write them down in this journal? Are you aware that by writing down a goal, it increases the probability of accomplishing it significantly? Many studies have shown you become almost 50% more likely to achieve your goals and dreams, just by writing them down on a regular basis. A real journal gives you something tangible to work with, and something is satisfying about the touch of paper. Additionally, writing stimulates and engages your brain, making it simpler to retain data. Many prefer writing by hand as it is a more raw, authentic experience that helps tap into the creative side of your brain.


The 10/10/10 Morning Routine

The key to accomplishing your goals is starting each day off right. Beginning each morning to optimize your day means taking a few minutes to get focused on what you will achieve. Take the first 30 minutes and break it into 10 minutes blocks of meditation, reading, and journaling. By focusing your mind on meditating, followed by reading for continuous learning, followed by taking time to capture your thoughts is a proven habit of maximizing each day. Take the time before you start your day to set yourself up for success. Having the fanatical discipline to begin each day with this practice will quickly result in being more productive on the essential tasks.


A Meditation Practice

The most common habit we have found that is shared consistently by the top performer across all industries is meditation. A mindfulness practice is life-changing. “I don’t know how to meditate” isn’t an excuse to skip this step. The other unacceptable excuse is “I don’t have time to meditate.” With apps like Calm or Harmony, you can start meditating in minutes. Transcendental Meditation ( has the most scientific studies documenting the benefits, but just by quieting your mind daily it begins to unwind the stress we carry in our bodies.

The Power of Gratitude

Science has shown us that bookending your day with gratitude first thing in the morning and the last thing to end your day will increase happiness. Happy people tend to accomplish more than individuals who struggle with anxiety, depression, and stress. Take advantage of this simple habit to improve your quality of life. It can be as small and straightforward as "today I am grateful I woke up" or “I am thankful for my warm coat”.


Our Most Productive Time of Day

The first 90 minutes that you are completely awake is when you are best at problem-solving and creative thinking. Don't waste your best time of day on email or trivial tasks. Tackle your day's hardest challenges first thing in the morning. Do the hard work first.