Learn from a Founder about the OAK Methodology

Be happier, creative and more productive

Level up your life and learn the habits, life hacks and positive psychology to be the best possible version of yourself. What are you going to do with the gift of this life? Learn the tools, structure, and discipline to start living your best life.


  • Habits proved to increase happiness & productivity
  • Tools & structure to set and accomplish goals
  • Leave with a roadmap to living your best life.

Crafting Your Dream Life

Attendees are inspired to design the life that they want to live and be the best possible version of themselves. Find clarity into what truly matters in life and learn the science and structure to reach our full potential. This journey includes identifying and releasing limiting beliefs while creating new neuropathways to reinforce the structure and habits shared by the world's happiest, highest-performing humans.


  • Identify and rewire negative core belief patterns
  • Learn the science of benefits of meditation
  • Clarity to reaching your full potential and living your best life

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