The Secret Morning/Evening Routine to Success

The Secret Morning/Evening Routine to Success

Do you want to be more creative, happier, and satisfied with your life? The first ten minutes you are awake and the last ten minutes before you go to sleep hold one of the life-hacks to success. In these brief windows, your subconscious is a sponge absorbing the energy it's exposed to. Rather than filling your head with negativity from the daily news or starting your day stressfully by reading emails as soon as you wake, be mindful of this short window as it impacts your mental wellbeing.

Let's start at the beginning. When do you wake up and what do you do with the first moments of your day? Studies have shown that when we wake up impacts our mental wellbeing, physical health, and even how long we live. Consistency in our sleep pattern is a simple habit that has a dramatic impact on so many aspects of our lives that it seems crazy not to embrace. Commit to the time you want to wake up every morning starting tomorrow and then set two alarms. One for when you want to rise and another for when you need to go to bed in order to get adequate rest. This small habit will dramatically change your life.

With the knowledge that your brain is a sponge during these two short 10-minute wind downs, be intentional with what we will it with. Don't start with news and negativity but rather nourish with serene and inspiring thoughts. Set yourself up with a morning and evening ritual that empowers you to be your best self. I start every morning with a very specific routine; wake up at 4 am and write for one hour followed by yoga, a cold shower, make my bed, and my 10/10/10 routine. By the time most people are waking up, I have already accomplished the most challenging tasks while my mind is the sharpest, and the more simple tasks are left for later in the day.

Music is a muse for our minds. By replacing television or scrolling through social media on your phone with music, you are continuing to improve your mental state. Eliminating the negative noise is the first step, now we want to be intentional about what we are taking in. My preference is a guided meditation as I fall asleep and some genre of music in the morning that doesn't distract me while I write (jazz, triphop, classical, really anything without words that distract me from writing). Silence is better than news or gossip but when it's possible, try and put soothing sounds and energy into your mind.

By taking the time to fall asleep and wake up peacefully you will set yourself up to be happier, more creative, and accomplish more. We are all given the same 24 hours each day, what we choose to do with them is up to us. Be more positive, creative and effective during your waking hours by being intentional with your first and last moments of each day.m