Goal Setting For Success

Goal Setting For Success

What are the dreams and goals that you want to accomplish in this lifetime? They can be small objectives or big hairy audacious goals but take the time to think of three specific goals; one for your personal life, one professional, and finally, one family or community goal. It's essential to select balanced objectives instead of only choosing all business/career goals to balance your life. If one area of your life is struggling, it will eventually impact the others. Take the time to ponder what are the most critical goals to accomplish in the next 90 days. It's essential to think about goals that can be completed at that time because, as humans, we tend to lose focus and momentum after three months. If a goal is going to take longer, break it up into smaller milestones that can be completed in 90 days.


Commit It To Paper

A Goal not written down is no goal at all. Studies show that by writing our intentions down, we are 42% more likely to complete them. Think about that for a second. Just taking a few minutes to document something nearly doubles your chances of doing it. Writing down your goal can be as simple as putting an item on your bucket list or a detailed business plan for the company you always wanted to start. To give yourself the highest chance of success, you must take the first step by documenting your objectives.  


Create a Roadmap for Success

The next step is to establish milestones and create a strategy for executing your vision. Think about each action and dependency that needs to happen to bring your goal to fruition and create a detailed plan for success. What do you need beyond your time (money, subject matter experts, etc.) to complete your goal? By having a clear understanding at the onset, you will have clarity around how you will reach the finish line. Read about the importance of seeing your goalsTake time to make your goals SMART. 


S - Simple

M - Measurable 

A - Attainable 

R - Relevant

T - Time-bound



Imagine what it will feel like to complete each of your goals. When you visualize finishing them, create a picture in your mind's eye of how that looks. If your goal is to have financial abundance, imagine looking at your bank statement and seeing your account balance. Feel the emotion of having earned and saved to reach this milestone. Visualization aligns our intentions focusing our energy on attracting that which we desire.


Nothing incredible in human history has been accomplished without someone first imagining it was possible. Challenge yourself to live the life of your dreams today and stop waiting until tomorrow to start. Every day is a gift, and tomorrow is not a guarantee.

"I find the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have" - Thomas Jefferson.